World Oceans Day Celebrated at Uday Samudra

In the occasion of World Oceans day that falls on the 8th of June 2019, Uday Samudra, Kovalam in association with Ocean Love; an organization that fights against oceanpollution and pollutants organized an event spreading the awareness of how important our oceans are and how we can save it from the present crisis. Inaugurated by the president of Kerala Travel Mart, Mr. Baby Mathew, the event focused on various marine related topics such as marine pollution, marine future, and statistics of the marine pollution and the after effects of Global warming and climate change.

Students from various educational institutions such as Sai Krishna Public School, Christ Nagar, University of Kerala and S.M.V. school participated in the event and were given chances to express their ideas, opinions and even clear their doubts. Following the event had various eye opening seminars from Mr. Satish Babu, Dr. Biju Kumar, and Dr. Katherine Owen.

Marine Pollution has become a very serious matter nowadays effecting even the human growth drastically. The steep decrease in ocean treasures and extinction of marine living things is purely because of the land pollutants and we have to recognize these harmful factors to fix them with the right solutions.

“The core intention of this event and the beach cleaning carried out today morning along the Kerala coastal belt with the support of Kerala Travel Mart members is to educate the younger generation about the marine debris and the importance of protecting our oceans” says Mr. Raja Gopaal Iyer, Founder and Chairman; Ocean Love- Beach and Marine Protection Council and CEO; UDS Hotels.

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