Metro Food Awards-Setting the benchmarks for a better dining

The 3rd edition of the Metro Food Awards Season 1 was held in Kochi on the 30th of October 2017. The event began with an air of serenity, amidst a breathtaking sunset on the calm backwaters of Bolgatty Palace. The evening soon gave way to a night of applause and cheer for the winners of the awards.

What started as a quest to find the cream of the hotels and restaurants in Kerala, as a part of the Metro Food Awards Season 1, and to acknowledge and award them, now ended when the winners were declared and the prizes were given away for the Kochi edition. The previous editions for the season were held at Trivandrum and Kollam starting from 2016.

Metro Mart, which is based in Trivandrum, collaborated with Kerala Tourism, KTDC, and South Kerala Hoteliers Forum to take this event forward. The awards were only by nomination and they didn’t come easy. However, the exposure that the winners gained by the Metro food awards definitely made all the sweat and hard work they put in pay off. The big boost that the Metro Food Awards winners in Trivandrum and Kollam received after the awards surely stand as a testimony to this. No wonder, almost everyone in the catering industry has an eye on the Metro Food Awards.

It was a long journey to the awards. The paperwork for each restaurant had to be verified for all appropriate licenses and clearances from the government, the nominees had to adhere to the rules that were set out for them. The jury team had to work tirelessly to select the very best from more than 200 participants and more than 50 categories to award. The end of October saw the finish line of a race run well after the jury submitted the results of a rigorous process that included analyzing the SMS votes of the public and mystery shopping at various outlets and hotels.

The Food Awards are a blessing for both the catering party as well as the ones being served. Today more and more people live in a part of the state that is not their hometown, and not the place that they were brought up in. They may be from other parts of India or of Kerala but settled in a particular city or town to pursue education or a career. The blooming IT companies in cities like Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram only add to this number. These are the folks who can definitely benefit from a list of hotels and restaurants in town that will guarantee them a good value for their time and money.

There is a saying that a lot can happen over a cup of coffee. Now, whether it be a cup of coffee or a plate of angel chicken pasta, you needn’t be worried about a good business deal slipping through your fingers because of the lousy food over which it was discussed. You now know where to find your favorite dish, high on quality as well as served with a great dining experience.

The ceremony retained in it an aura of the pride that could only be a result of years of hard work and perseverance on the part of the winners.

The mayor of Kochi, Soumini Jain and MLA K. J. Maxi were present to grace the occasion.

As a part of her speech in the opening ceremony, Mayor Soumini Jain praised Keralite cooking methods. She went on to say that it was a matter of taste as well as presentation when it comes to food and that food must be a source of attraction to the tourists who visit God’s Own Country.

MLA K.J. Maxi also stressed on the impact that good food has on the tourism industry and said that it is food that takes the tourism forward.

This is indeed true, as tourism and great food always go hand in hand. More and more restaurants and hotels are working on creating a unique food experience for tourists. Both the caterers as well as diners want the experience to be one that stays fresh in their memories long after the visit is over. They want something that they can specifically relate to the place they are visiting.

Research shows a significant increase in the amount of money tourists spend on food while traveling to different parts of the world. Surely, we must do our bit to ensure that tourists visiting our state will have a memory to cherish when they think of the food that they were served when in Kerala.

The Metro Food Awards night saw various awards being presented to the participants. The awards were divided into 3 categories : Star Categories, Standalone Restaurants, and Brand awards. There were subcategories as well. The prizes went to the finest in each area.

From the best RJ food critic to the best food report. From the best place to find Mexican food to the best place to dine if you are looking for Italian cuisine. From the best brand of coconut oil to the best masala brand. The Metro Food Awards team had clearly done a painstaking job in finding and awarding the very best under each category. True to its name, the food awards also ended with a scrumptious dinner served to the guests.

The awards provided a great opportunity for entrepreneurs in the food industry to meet each other at the Food Awards. It also gave budding restaurateurs a greater visibility in the media, as well as a platform to reach out to others on the same trail.

The food awards will, no doubt, be a challenge for every hotel and restaurant. It will continue to inspire them to aim at excellence in food quality and dining experience. And this, in turn, will be the reward for the Metro Food Awards team, as they continue to raise the standard for food and dining experience across the state.

Metro Mart Managing Director Siji Nair, Chef Noushad, Film  Actor  Captain Raju, Judging Committee Chairman Prasad Manjali, Vice Chairman Suresh John,Events Head Nijith Raj were also present on the occasion.

Identifying the best from those nominated was indeed a big challenge to take up, nevertheless, we can now safely say that it was worth the effort that went into it!

Let’s stay tuned for the next season: The Metro Food Awards Season 2 to be started in Trivandrum in January 2018…

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